Americans Ready to Put Trust in Crypto and Spend Millions in 2022

No matter how much you deny it, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction every day. Every year comes with some great news about cryptocurrencies and those who are a part of this industry. If you want to trade digital currencies then you have some friends in the US giving you all the confidence and hope you need to feel validated for your interest in cryptocurrencies. Recent studies have shown that Americans are more interested than ever to spend crypto coins on various types of transactions, and the upward trend will continue strongly in 2022.

Insider Intelligence, the publisher of the report, has predicted that there will be a 70% rise in the payments that are made through cryptocurrencies. You are looking at not just an increase in the amount of crypto spent or the size of transactions. In fact, more than 3.6 million people in the US will choose to use cryptocurrencies for making various types of payments. These numbers are only the tip of the iceberg as the climb will continue in the subsequent years as well.

In addition to that, people who own or use cryptocurrencies for any means are also increasing. So, even if you don’t buy something with your digital coins, just having them in your wallet will make you one of the more than 33.7 million people in the country. The only downside to this news is that some sources in the past had predicted better and more promising increase in the use of cryptocurrencies. For example, as per the previous claims, the crypto usage should have already crossed 46 million people in the previous year.

However, you can say that there are many other reasons that are keeping people from investing in this currency and committing to owning other cryptocurrencies. The doubts are going away and since the pandemic has already passed, people are becoming more confident about their income and financial stability.

According to Ido Fishman, “The good news is that Hong Kong, India, and Brazil have joined the ranks of countries that have seen crypto investors growing by more than 100% within a single year. Based on that, if there is a right time to invest in crypto, it’s right now.”